Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My 1st Anniversary

One year ago today at 10 pm, I received the call that I had cancer.  I have to say, it's been quite the year. I thought I would share some of the things I have learned:

1.  God is good ALL the time.  I am not going to list all the times I knew God had his hand in my life this past year.  I could easily write a book if I did.   (If you have some free time, I will be more than glad to bend your ear about it).  There is  one thing that I will mention.  During the church service this past Sunday , our minister, David Stokes, had us read aloud Psalm 23.  After this past year, that scripture had a whole new meaning for me.  Because I know from first hand experience that The Lord is MY shepherd.

2.  I have the best family ever.  I can't imagine how my mom had to feel having to take care of her child who had the same disease that killed her husband 20 years before.  But she did so without batting an eye. She even succeeded in not getting put in the trunk in our many trips to Indy.   My brother shaved my head, which probably bothered him more than me.  My sister-in-law went on a search to make sure I had the most fashionable head wear and went with us to several of my appointments.  She also was the one who turned my name in for my Hello Gorgeous makeover.  (Thanks again for that by the way)   My niece and nephew were a welcome distraction to what was going on.  I wouldn't trade any of them for the world.

3.  I have the best friends ever.  I have known Edie and Kista since my IUK days.  (We won't mention how many years that has been)  I can't express adequately just how great they have been through this year.  They both made the trek down to Indy to be with me through both my surgeries.  Edie made sure my social media accounts were updated (and did a GREAT job with that).  They made me laugh, prayed for me and did anything I needed them to do.  Edie's son Sam even gave me his beloved Colt's hat to wear.  Ladies, I consider you guys my sisters and I love you both dearly.  To quote the immortal bard Kelly Clarkson "My life would suck without you".  (that goes for my family too)

4.  I have the best job ever.  The library has been awesome through all of this.  They were flexible with me not being there and such a support.  You guys rock.

5.  My twitter buddies rock.  Years ago, I became obsessed with a little movie entitle "Twilight".  To find out more about it, I joined the Twilight fandom on Twitter.  When I got diagnosed, I debated on whether or not to disclose what I had.  I am so glad I did.  You guys have been such a support.  I have had prayers and positive vibes coming to me from all over the world.  I must meet you guys in person one of these days.

6.  People in the medical field, especially the oncology part,  have the customer service thing down.  The ladies in Dr. Gupta's /Dr. Leagre's office remembered my name without me telling them.  Dr. Schmidt called me at home the day after my appointment because he remembered he forgot to answer one of my questions.  The Women's Hospital gave me a thank you card for letting them take care of me.  And I still can't fathom how Barb and the other chemo nurses keep anything straight with the quantity of patients they see in one day.  These are just a few instances of the great customer service I received this year.  Since I have a job that deals with customer service, I hope to take what I have learned and pay it forward so to speak.

7.  I really rock the short hair look.   I have had people I don't even know stop and tell me how cute it looks.   I guess all those times I threatened to shave my head bald, I should have done it.  I don't think I would choose to go bald again.  I have had enough of hats.

8.  Maintaining a positive attitude is more than half the battle.  I fully believe that my choosing to have a positive attitude got me through this year.  That is not to say I didn't have my moments.   I just let those moments happen and pulled up my bootstraps and marched forward.  Life is so much better when you laugh about things.

9.  I will never complain about another birthday EVER.  Every birthday from 45 to 100 will be a huge celebration for me.  I won't even let it bother me that my baby brother is turning 40 April 21. (I am a rotten older sister aren't I) 

This turned out to be more wordy than I planned so I won't bore you any further.  Just know that I am thrilled I made it a year and I plan to be here for many many more.