Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26 update

Edie, the Friend Formerly Known as the Pill Pusher, here, guest posting for T with permission once again after another rousing edition of "What Body Part Shall We Lop Off Today?"

T started out at predawn thirty into the overcast, damp, darkness to trek to the Women's Hospital to correct a grievous wrong. Before her second mastectomy, she, for the first time in her life, was left-leaning. Now, thanks to the marvel of modern medicine, she shan't have that affliction e'er again. (And all the conservatives said, "Amen.")

This second surgery took a far shorter time than the first because the doc didn't take a lymph node this round, so it was over before most people had time for a second cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee, if you are ever an attendee to a patient at Saint V's Women's Hospital, just bat your eyelashes at the front desk clerk, and you'll get a free coupon for a cup o' Starbucks at the coffee bar in the front lobby.

Post-op, T was a lot more perky this round due to a manageable pain level. She almost had a tinge of color in her face. She was alert and nearly amused. Her stomach, however, was not playin'. It did not enjoy the medicinal cocktail that goes along with surgery, and it promptly showed its displeasure by rejecting that first sip of chocolate shake that T tried to consume. After that, it calmed down a bit and let T get some rest.

When I left T this evening, she was dozing lightly despite the fact that her IV pump sounded like it had a tiny, persistent kitten stuck inside. They lop off a body part, and you get a free kitten. How's that for a good trade?

When dawn breaks anew, and they release T, I'll bring her back home where her mamacita will nurse her back to health but only after she's removed all the noisy clocks from the walls. I'm guessing, she won't even notice the tick-tock-tick-tock with that tiny kitten running around.

One of the first things T said to me this morning was, "This is the last day I have to wear a bra." Yes, she's going to be juuuuuust fine.