Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4 update

Today was the day I went to Indy for my tests.  Praise the Lord the roads were clear and Mom didn't have to ride in the trunk. :D  First was the MRI.  When the MRI was set up, they told me it would be at 11:15 and to arrive 45 minutes early to fill out the paperwork.  When I arrived early, the lady at the front desk told me "You are an hour early, you weren't supposed to be here until 11:15".  I explained what I had been told and while I was filling out the paperwork, they got the tech's there and I got in around 11am.  Hooray!  The MRI itself was a breeze.  Getting the IV in for the contrast was another story.  They couldn't get it in my arm so they had to put it in the back of my hand.  (Another fun side effect of chemo I will have to live with)

After the MRI, a yummy lunch at Applebee's and a trip to Half Price Books (I am such a librarian), I went back for my mammogram.  They took 2 pictures and then the radiologist read the films.  She saw a suspicious spot that wasn't there after my last mammogram so she wanted another couple of shots taken.  After looking at those films, she determined that it wasn't anything to worry about.  I trust the doctors there so I am not going to worry.  I will say this, any doubt that I had about have my other breast removed flew out the window.  I am through dealing with this.  I want it off, end of story.

So please keep me in your prayers that the spot really isn't anything to worry about.  And continue to pray that the insurance finally agrees to pay for the surgery.